Into Darkness part 2 preview

No new comic this week, folks. I decided last minute to take the week off and concentrate on other things. Plus it was my birthday Sunday and I deserved a break (not really).

But since I’m not completely lazy (or evil), here’s a preview of next Wednesday’s comic, which will be double-sized as well. Enjoy!

intoi darkness2

Into Darkness

into darkness_edited-1

I’m attempting something new with the font. Comic Sans simply wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Today’s comic was actually going to be longer but due to time constraints, the rest of it will be completed for next week and will be a double-sized strip. With it, I’ll be closing out the current storyarc and begin the start of a new beginning for our intrepid geeks and the return of a familiar character when we hit the milestone 100th comic at the end of the month! May not seem like much but it’s the longest I’ve stuck with any one comic since I was in high school.  Thanks for sticking with me and I promise the comic is only going to get better!


RPG Ultimatum

dragon inn1_edited-1dragoninn2_edited-1

Sorry about the lack of color in today’s comic. Someone forgot to click “save” before he left the room and, well…you know how it is. Technology, amiright?

Yeah, I’ll just be over here…