Prelude to a Party

The new season of “Geek Theory” is on its way but first, we have to go back a little ways…

Geek Theory Sherlock1 001

A rerun? From 2014? What the damn hell is that about?  Well, you see, over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be reposting what was going to be a somewhat lengthy story arc until I got writer’s block and was completely consumed by school.  I know three years is a long time but these things happen and now it’s finally time to finish telling this story.  See you back here soon!

Geek Theory Classics: D-20 of Dooooom!!!

 Happy New Comic Day, all! Sorry for the lack of content but between work, school, and now moving, comics have been pushed down on the priority list.  However, new stuff is on the horizon and in the meantime I’ll be re-posting some classics from the Geek Theory archives.  As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy one of my favorite reruns!

Dungeon 1_edited-1Dungeon 2_edited-1