Geek Theory Classics: The SmartPhone Chronicles Part 1

Since the first ever print edition of Geek Theory is now available, I wanted to share a taste of what that particular story is about.  Plus, I’ve been swamped prepping for yet another convention so new comics are still being written!

In the meantime, enjoy a classic rerun that kicks off the boys’ very first ongoing story-arc:

geek theory 16

gt iphone1

Geek Theory Classics: The First One

Hey err’body!

This spot’s been empty for quite some time but after a long hiatus, we’re finally back in business!  School is out and a new “season” of Geek Theory is gearing up. For now, to initiate new readers and to remind older ones, here’s the very first strip to ever see print (at least online).  Enjoy and be sure to come back next week for the first all new comic of 2016!

comic1 colorcomic2 color